Data from the Weatherlogics Climate Database follows a simple pricing model of $0.01 per unit of data requested. This pricing model is the same regardless of whether data is requested through the website or through an API. The only difference is in the billing process. Climate data requested through this website is billed immediately when the data is purchased. To prevent tiny purchases, a minimum charge of $1.00 applies to all orders through this website. With the API, there are are no minimum charges since usage is tracked and billed monthly (invoices are generated monthly starting one month from when your account was created).

Unit Calculations
  • Climate data requests:
    • Hourly: 1 unit per 24 hours of data.
    • Daily: 1 unit per 7 days of data.
    • Monthly: 1 unit per month of data.
  • Climate normals: All requests are 200 units.
  • Climate records: All requests are 100 units.

If the user makes a request that results in partial units being calculated (e.g. 10 days of data is 1.4 units), the number of units will always be rounded up to the nearest whole unit.

Free Credits

All users receive 500 free units per month for each API. This allows users to test the APIs without being billed for small queries. Once the 500 units have been used, you will see your usage begin to increase in your account. Note: Free credits only apply to API queries. No free credits are given for website searches.

Complex Requests

If you require data that is complex, or not available through this website, please contact us. Our meteorologists are able to retrieve additional specialized datasets not shown here.

Large Purchases

If you require a large amount of data, please contact us for a volume discount.

API Pricing Plans

Choose the most API for you needs with reasonable prices.

Climate Datum Plan

$ /unit
  • Complete datasets for all locations.
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly data.
  • Statistics calculated for all datasets.
  • Locations across Canada.
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Climate Record Plan

$ /unit
  • Complete records for all locations.
  • Hourly, daily, and monthly records.
  • Records for temperature, humidity, wind, rain, snow, precipitation, and many more.
  • Ranked records.
  • Custom date ranges.
  • Locations across Canada.
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Climate Normal Plan

$ /unit
  • Normals utilize all available data.
  • Daily and monthly normals.
  • Normals for all available variables including temperature, wind, humidity, and many more.
  • Custom date ranges.
  • Locations across Canada.
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